Plastic Card Printing Services

Plastic Card Printing Services

SoftFile provides high-volume plastic card printing and mailing including all of the services listed below:

Membership Cards

SoftFile prints and mails membership type cards for various government, private and quasi-public government agencies.

ID Cards

Government agencies approve of SoftFile's secure facility in order to print and mail government issued ID cards inclusive of photo identification.

License Cards

Government agencies approve of SoftFile's secure facility in order to print and mail government issued license cards often inclusive of photo identification. In order to further enhance security, SoftFile is often required to include a customized hologram.

Magnetic Strip Encoding

Many of SoftFile's customers require the use of a magnetic strip (or stripe) in order to access secure areas within their organization. SoftFile routinely encodes this data into the magnetic strip.

Smart Cards / Contactess Cards

Require Contactless or Contact without a magnetic stripe? SoftFile offers;

  • Contactless Philips S50 RA
  • Contactless Philips S70 RA
  • Contactless Philips Ultralight RA
  • Contactless Philips S20 RA
  • Contactless ISSI M1
  • Contactless FM1302T
  • Contactless AT5557
  • Contactless TK4100

  • Contact ISSI4442
  • Contact ISSI4428
  • Contact FM24C02
  • Contact FM24C16
  • Contact FM24C64
  • Contact FM24C128
  • Contact SLE5542
  • Contact SLE5528

Did You Know?

  • In 2019 SoftFile printed, personalized, and mailed more than 3 million CR-80 (standard credit-card type) plastic cards

Card Options

Card includes front and rear design and any of the following:

  • 30Mil
  • 18Mil
  • 12Mil
  • ABS Recycled Material
  • Black Core Card
  • Clear Card Material
  • Embossing - Sequential Data
  • Fluorescent Colors Ink
  • Frosted Finish
  • Foil Stamping Silver
  • Foli Stamping Gold
  • Full Face Foiling
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding Lo-Co
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding Hi-Co
  • Matte Finish
  • Metallic Colors
  • Overlay
  • Pantone Colors
  • PETG Material
  • Personalization - Name
  • Personalization - Number
  • Raised Ink
  • Signature Panel White
  • Signature Panel Clear
  • Scratch Off
  • Thermal Printing Balck
  • Thermal Printing Gold
  • Thermal Printing Silver
  • UV Light Detect Ink

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