BPO Services

BPO services

Complimenting our wide range of business services including document scanning and data capture, SoftFile offers various fulfillment services to meet your organizational needs.

AP Processing Services

Are you an organization with an active interest in invoice automation, but need help identifying appropriate strategies? SoftFile has solutions.

Historically, Accounts Payable has been viewed as a pure cost of doing business, making the expense of buying, installing and maintaining software and hardware to automate Accounts Payable processing difficult to justify. But as companies look high and low for ways to conserve capital, they are finding potential they can't ignore in Accounts Payable when they address the challenges of manual processing. These include the need to capture invoices quickly and accurately, ability to prioritize top vendors, knowledge of invoices in the approval process and immediate access to the documents as needed.

SoftFile can streamline your organization's AP process. We process invoices for numerous businesses and government agencies.


Open Enrollment Services

SoftFile can dramatically reduce your organization's open enrollment burden by providing document scanning and data capture services.

We can scan your open enrollment documentation and provide data capture of the key fields. We can import that data into your benefits system. Most of our daily work has a turn around of less than 48 hours.


Order Processing Services

SoftFile has offered flexible, high quality order fulfillment and order processing services since 1988. Our experience comes from the successful order processing and shipping of millions of orders. Through our work with reputable name-brand companies, we have perfected an understanding of what it takes to be a cost-efficient, high quality, fulfillment solution. We provide the highest level of service to our clients and their customers.


Product Fulfillment Services

Sure, anyone can put something in a box. But delivering as quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively as possible isn't easy. It takes smart people, sophisticated technology, and the flexibility to turn any problem into a solution. This kind of ingenuity has big implications. Imagine if we can deliver an order a couple days earlier. What if you could cut your inventory in half? Your costs drop. Your customer satisfaction rises. Or maybe you reach your audience before your competition can. That can make a big impact.


Member Services

Do you need to collect data, scan paper, ship products or provide other value-added services to your members? SoftFile provides members services to both government agencies and large organizations alike. Common membership services provided by SoftFile include (partial listing):

  • Membership card production and mailing
  • Data Capture
  • Document scanning
  • Product processing
  • Survey and data collection
  • More...

By having Softfile provide these labor intense services, you can reallocate your employees to focus on the core business.


Mail Processing Services

SoftFile is your complete outsource service provider for all your mailing and mail processing needs. From small hand sorting, folding, inserting, stamping and mailing to complete large scale processing. SoftFile has the right equipment and expertise to meet all your business mailing and processing services needs.

SoftFile takes the guess work and expense out of processing and mailing to your customers or members. We use your existing data to create your customers letters, advertisements, billing statements / invoices, direct mail pieces, forms and etcetera. Whatever your mailing outsource requirements are, SoftFile can make it a reality. Processing and sending your paper products has never been easier or more cost effective.


Did You Know?

  • In 2015, SoftFile mailed more than one million packages and envelopes for our clients

Facility Security

ALL mailing and fulfillment services will be performed at our central production facility which is located at 209 Commerce Circle in Sacramento, California. Our production center is a tilt-up slab building that includes both fire and burglar alarms monitored by a reputable security firm. Magnetic locks on all exterior doors are wired and infrared beams crisscross the interior space, both are monitored by a silent alarm system monitored by the security firm. Code sprinklers are installed throughout the facility with a centralized control box for manual override. There is a daily sign-in sheet for access to the facility. Any and all visitors must sign in and out of the facility and are under SoftFile escort at all times. SoftFile maintains a current disaster recovery plan.