Data Entry and Data Capture Services

data entry services

SoftFile is a comprehensive provider of document and data capture solutions. With over twenty years (since 1988) of practical image and data conversion experience we offer real world solutions that work. We currently provide services to a wide variety of private business organizations and government entities. We offer backfile conversions as well as ongoing data capture, and can provide 24 hour turnaround.

By providing our customers with cost-effective and efficient data management tools we have grown to be one of the most comprehensive solution providers in Northern California.

By using customized data capture software and our dual Key-From-ImageSM processes, SoftFile can offer a tailor made solution in order to meet your data capture needs. We can capture data from most media including images, microfilm, audio tape and paper forms.

SoftFile offers scaleable solutions for large and small projects.

Why Data Entry?

Despite advances in technology, some projects requiring a high degree of accuracy still require manual data entry.

SoftFile offers domestic data entry at our Sacramento, Calfornia production facility and offshore data entry at our production facilities in Cebu, Philippines. Being able to offer both domestic and offshore options makes us well diversified to take on most any data conversion assignment.

We offer a 'blind dual key' option which involves two technicians keying the same information. The results are examined, and any differences in the data are corrected. This process generates data that is 99.95% accurate.


SoftFile can provide indexing services using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and barcode scanning capture, as well as OCR for full-text retrieval. Our OCR engines can handle numerous business documents and forms.

By utilizing the latest technology in OCR software we can offer extremely cost-effective data capture solutions. Types of data capture include zonal OCR, barcode reading and full-text OCR. Once captured, the data can be groomed suitable for import into any of the mainstream workflow and document management software. If the documents are not suitable for electronic data capture we also offer cost-effective manual data capture.

Did You Know?

  • SoftFile staff enters over 6 million characters (dual keyed) on a daily basis.

Data Security

SoftFile understands that our clients' data is highly confidential. Here is a list of some of methods that we use to secure confidential data:

  • Inventory and protect client data stored on file servers, databases, and other data repositories
  • Monitor and prevent data loss on the network including email, IM, Web
  • Discover client data stored on the endpoint, such as desktops and laptops, and prevent this data from being inappropriately used, sent out, or copied to storage devices such as USB drives, CD/DVDs, or iPods.
  • Maintain comprehensive audit support through HIPAA compliance reports
  • Automatically enforce confidential data security policies with a centralized platform for detection accuracy, policy management and automated incident response, notification, workflow and compliance reporting, to help change employee behavior and pinpoint compliance gaps in existing business processes
  • Implement a Role-Based Access Control to enable departments to limit access to confidential data to as-needed access only