Document Scanning Services

document scanning services

SoftFile is a demonstrated provider of advanced document imaging technologies, offering high quality scans with quick turnaround time. Our document imaging services will have your hard copy (hardfile) documentation transferred to an electronic format quickly and conveniently, reducing downtime and improving information accessibility enterprise-wide. Electronic data can then be backed up for added security, safety and disaster recovery, catalogued and organized in the manner that best suits the organizational requirements.

Large Format Scanning

SoftFile provides Large Format and Wide Format scanning of oversized documents. Click on the following link to learn more:

Large Format Document Scanning

Output Formats

SoftFile has vast experience in providing images and indexing information for viewing on many different types of document management software packages. Here's a partial list of the software vendors that we've worked with:

  • Alchemy
  • Documentum
  • FileBound
  • FileNet
  • Laserfiche
  • OnBase
  • Oracle
  • Sharepoint
  • and others

If you let us know which document management (DM) package you will be using, we can adapt our process so that the output we create is perfect for importing into your DM system. If you haven't yet chosen your DM software before the scanning project begins, SoftFile will generate output in a standard format.

Document Scanning Process

Our document scanning process contains the following steps:

  • Document pick up by SoftFile courier
  • Document check-in at SoftFile production center
  • Document preparation
  • Document scanning
  • Quality control (Part One) - Image inspection
  • Data entry
  • Quality control (Part Two) - Data inspection
  • Image and data export
  • Quality control (Part Three) - Final inspection
  • Document disposition


Did You Know?

  • SoftFile recently scanned close to 100,000 large-format architectural plan sets (blueprints) for the California State Architect.

Confidential Records

At SoftFile, we realize that your documents are highly confidential, and we take precautions to safeguard your documents and the information that they contain. During the past 23 years, we've gained a tremendous amount of experience in handling confidential documents. Here's a list of some of the different types of confidential records that we have scanned for our clients:

  • Accounting: Payroll records
  • Banking: Signature cards
  • Bio-tech: Research lab notebooks
  • Education: Student records
  • Financial: Investment files
  • Human Resources: Personnel files
  • Law Enforcement: Arrest records
  • Legal: Client files
  • Medical: Patient records