Box Storage and Shredding Services

box storage

SoftFile offers long-term box storage.

SoftFile understands that large volume document scanning (your backlog) is not practical for every customer. Through document storage at SoftFile, we offer on-demand document conversion services.

As a document storage customer, you can simply email a request for a particular document and within a short time, simply download the requested document in electronic format from SoftFile's secure website.

Document Shredding

For our document conversion customers, SoftFile offers document shredding and destruction services.

SoftFile maintains an industrial-grade document shredder which is operated in-house (at SoftFile's facility), not by a third party. SoftFile's shredded paper is further hydro-pulped for use in recycling.

Did You Know?

  • SoftFile's secure facility contains
    44,000 square feet of space. We have our own industrial shredder on site, as well as our own courier service.